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Application iPhone & iPad Fortuneo

Autre planete and Haploid have designed and produced an iPhone and iPad Fortuneo line banking application. The application is for Fortuneo clients and non-clients alike. It allows them to quickly and easily view the financial markets and get the latest information on world indexes.

Main Functions

On either the iPhone or iPad, you can :

  • access the financial markets : Global 500, indexes, quotes, exchange rates…
  • consult your portfolio : shares, mutual funds, trackers, financial derivates…
  • use interactive overview graphs…
  • get market news, financial information, watch Fortuneo videos…
  • manage and watch your personal lists in real time.

The iPad version lets you view the latest news, market information and your personal lists at the same time.

Design and Production

From the very beginning, we wanted to design a user-friendly application. All the key players (the marketing team, graphic designers, human factor experts, developers…) have contributed to producing the application. This application has been a cooperative project with the teams from Fortuneo, Autre Planète and Haploid working closely together.

Simple !

We wanted a simple application that is easy to use and fast. Naturally, we tried to stay as faithful as possible to the spirit and basic principles of the Apple Smartphone.

Fast !

To make it faster and more responsive, the application was written entirely in the native iPhone language (Objective-C). The interactive graphics use Apple’s Quartz graphics library allowing vectorial graphics to be used regardless of their end size and resolution. The graphics are sharp on both the iPhone and iPad.

iPhone 4 users can take advantage of HD resolution with incredibly sharp text and graphics.

Clear !

The choice of graphics and designs should be attractive but use the brand’s color scheme. The interface has been designed so it’s easy to understand.

The choice of application colors and backgrounds has been studied to optimize the ease of reading and emphasize the most important information.

Like John Maeda, we understand the importance of simplicity.
A successful interface is an interface that you don’t see, where things are where they should be.

We don’t want to wait. We have designed an application for you and for us too.

Thierry Charbonnel
Design and Simplicity